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Microscope – Telescope Bresser Junior Set


This set offers everything for the first steps in the world of astronomy and microscopy. The microscope has an LED transmitted illumination and magnification 40x – 640x. With these magnifications you can see for example tiny animals or microorganisms from a pond.

But what does transmitted light mean?

It means that with this type of microscope and lighting, the sample you want to observe is not illuminated from above, but the light source is behind the sample and shines through it. Therefore, particularly sparsely chopped preparations are required. But do not worry that it takes a lot of preparation, because with an extended package of accessories included, you can start right away! There are already permanent preparations that you can put immediately under the microscope and observe. If you want to research something more exciting, you can use the accessories and make easy preparations yourself. A big advantage of the microscope is that the battery and low weight help you to take it anywhere.

The telescope is ideal for your first astronomical discoveries and its light and small size makes it easy to carry. You can easily put the telescope in a small carrying bag or backpack. To be able to mount the telescope securely anywhere, you will take with you the included base. If you want to use the telescope during the day, you can adjust it. That is, just take out the zenith mirror and the eyepiece. The telescope has two eyepieces and thus allows an optional 20x 32 magnification through the eyepiece 12.5mm and 20mm. With it you can see the impressive lunar craters, constellations and the rings of Saturn. The telescope also has a built-in compass. With the zenith mirror, you have a comfortable view through the telescope.

Microscope Features

LED transmitted light
Height adjustable slide
Rotary head with three lenses: 40x / 10x / 40x
Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam
Focus wheel
Clips for placing the samples
Can be used anywhere thanks to battery function (3x AA batteries included.)
Lightweight, therefore ideal for mobile use
Eyepiece with Zoom
Lots of accessories

Telescope Features

Refraction telescope
Which can also be used as a telescope
Observation of the moon and constellations, as well as the rings of Saturn can be seen.
Zenith mirror for better observation
Small and easy to transport
Base with a maximum height of 35 cm
Eyepieces 12.5 mm and 20mm
Extra eyepieces that allow 20x and 32x magnification
Magnifying glass diameter: 40 mm / Focal length: 400 mm
Built-in compass
Focus wheel

Microscope Contents

Smartphone stand
Box with 3 permanent preparations, 8 empty boxes with lid and space for 3 extra
Permanent preparations: onion peel, ground nettle, stoma (pore on the skin of plants)
5 collection containers, with 3 empty containers, 1x container with yeast and 1x container with salted shrimp eggs
Eyepiece with Zoom
Measuring container
Box with slides
Spare lamp
3x AAA Batteries (included)

Telescope Contents

Zenith mirror
Eyepieces 12.5 mm, 20 mm
Smartphone stand

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